Amazon and Walmart Drone Delivery Battle Persists

American medical product delivery company Zipline is partnering with Walmart to offer on-demand drone deliveries of health and wellness products. The pilot program is Walmart’s latest drone initiative and the first step toward a national-scale operation that could have an immense impact on the drone delivery market.

The Drone Delivery Market

About 20,000 delivery drones are active today, the majority of them shipping medical supplies and basic groceries. Research firm Gartner predicts that, by 2026, the number will increase to over 1 million.

The Race Between Walmart and Amazon

Walmart is not the only company planning on launching a nation-wide drone delivery initiative. Last month, Amazon received approval from the Federal Aviation Administration to operate nationally as a drone airline. Because Walmart contracts its drones from Flytrex (which are already part of the FFA’s UAS Integration Pilot Program), they don’t need to apply for direct certification.

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