’s 2020 Top Companies for Women Technologists Pave the Way for Inclusivity’s Top Companies for Women Technologists has announced its 2020 winners. The benchmarking program identifies key inclusivity trends and awards the companies that are making the most progress toward equality. At a time when women and women of color are significantly underrepresented in technology teams, Top Companies hopes to point the way to a more inclusive future.

About and Top Companies is focused on sustaining an equitable future for women technologists by cultivating a global community that includes next-generation talent, innovators, and academics. Their goal is to make the technology industry more inclusive, informed, and diverse by connecting and inspiring women in computing and technology innovation.

The Findings


The research determined that the overall representation of women technologists was 28.8%. This number showed some variation by carrier level. For example, for intern and entry levels, it was between 36% and 38%, for 28.3% for mid levels, 23.6% for senior, 24.1% for executive, and only 3.9% for CEO. However, there was growth in representation at all career levels compared to previous years; in entry and executive levels in particular.

Career Level

Although the overall representation grew, women technologists are disproportionately hired at entry levels compared to higher levels. Over the last three years, more women were promoted than men (mostly to mid-level positions, while men were promoted to senior-level opportunities). Both women and men left organizations at the same rate, an improvement over last year when women left 1.3 times more often.

Programs and Policies

Companies with formal leadership development programs showed a higher representation of Black and Latinx tech women, while those offering diversity and inclusion training had a higher representation of BLNP tech women.

COVID-19 Response

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, 84% of companies conducted internal surveys to understand the needs of their employees, and 77% offered flexible hours and resources for parents educating children. 44% offered mental health services, 29% paid health leave, and 23/25% flexible days and hours.

Next Steps

Companies had to adapt to a never-seen-before global scenario in 2020 quickly. The Top Companies for Women Technologies report showed that women’s representation is growing. However, time alone won’t bring change.

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