Baidu, Valued at $43.1 Billion, Makes AI Smart Market Moves

Baidu is a technology company that specializes in internet services and artificial intelligence. Valued at $43.1 billion in October 2020, it’s one of the largest companies in the world and accounts for over 90% of China’s online search queries. It’s also involved in the development of over 310,000 AI models and a novel quantum machine learning development toolkit.

Baidu’s Origins

Baidu was founded by the son of two factory workers from Yang Quan, Robin Li, who studied computer science at Beijing University and later earned a Master’s degree from the State University of New York. After his graduation, Li joined IDD (a Dow Jones subsidiary) and created RankDex, a site-scoring algorithm.

The Search Engine

Baidu’s search engine ranks sites based on their homepage and can only read text. The platform ranks fourth in Alexa ranking of the most popular websites worldwide, above Facebook and Wikipedia, and gives priority to sites written in Mandarin and hosted in China.

Other Baidu Projects

Baidu is much more than a search engine or a portfolio of online products. Co-located in Seattle, Silicon Valley, and Beijing, Baidu Research focuses on projects in artificial intelligence and machine learning.



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