Computer Generated Poetry Will Knock Your Socks Off

Source: Guy Sie (CC)

As humanity’s most delicate skill, poems represent both quality of beauty and intensity of emotion. But is this art as closely related to our species as we think?



in the
lines on the



inscribed in
the depths

Twitter Poets

If you are impressed, we are just getting started.

Google AI’s Terrible Pain

And of course there is more to bot poetry than twitter. Check out for example this heartbreaking Google’s AI exploration after being fed 11,000 unpublished books into its formerly happy-go-lucky neural network:

Final (Confused) Thoughts

Bot poetry (just like bot generated music) might suffer the fate that so many have before, and slowly slide into oblivion — at least until some 20-year-loop trend brings it back like high-rise pants and mini SNES consoles. Perhaps it will soon be overshadowed by truly intelligent conversational interfaces, or by algorithms that make it utterly impossible to detect any blood (or lack of) behind it.

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