A True Story: Elena Against all Odds

Elena is an unexpected heroine. When I first saw her, I had no idea this little woman with heavy mascara and tingling golden bracelets was about to share with me one of the most inspiring stories I had ever heard. As the kettle emptied, I was sure of one thing: The world needs to hear about Elena, her fight, and her love.


Elena’s story takes place in Latin America. The vagueness of this statement is intentional, for South American countries share an unfortunate culture of violence, injustice and corruption, and the characters I will mention have crossed many borders themselves. Hers is one of a million tales about endurance and one that, against all odds, ended up in victory. Although Elena confessed that even though she now knows exactly how strong she is, she could never fight a similar battle again. For those that have to, I decided to write one this down.

Anthropologist & User Experience Designer. I write about science and technology. Robot whisperer. VR enthusiast. Gamer. @yisela_at www.yisela.com

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