IBM Watson’s New AI Tool Aims to Help Businesses Identify Client Needs

IBM Watson introduced a new advancement in natural language processing (NLP) during the debut episode of “That’s Debatable” on Bloomberg Television. IBM’s new Key Point Analysis technology was used to distill over 3,500 viewer submissions into an overview of the global public opinion on the statement, “It’s time to redistribute the wealth.”

Key Point Analysis

The Technology

Key Point Analysis is a novel advancement in NLP developed by IBM Research. This next-generation NLP-based extractive summarization was evolved from the earlier IBM Project Debater, an artificial intelligence (AI) system that can debate humans on complex topics.


From the total of submissions, 1,600 arguments and 20 key points were identified.

About IBM Research

IBM Research has been propelling innovation in IBM for 75 years. With more than 3,000 researchers across the globe distributed over a dozen locations, its mission is to positively impact business and society through science.

The Future of Key Point Analysis

Key Point Analysis is designed to empower businesses to employ AI for greater accuracy and efficiency. This can result in less data consumption and human oversight while giving companies a clearer view of relevant points and considerations so they can make data-driven operational decisions such as adjusting prices, evolving products, creating new marketing campaigns, and optimizing inventory.



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