Subscription Commerce Has Evolved and As a Result Come Out on Top

Subscription commerce was once focused on magazines and newspapers. However, with the advent of mobile devices and driven in large part by start-ups, subscription boxes and services have embraced everything from recipes and pet supplies to shaving gear and boardgames. Here’s an overview of the subscription market today.

The Subscription Model

In 2018, over a hundred and fifty million square feet of retail storage space was closed, as consumer preferences shifted toward online shopping and brand royalty began a relative descent into obscurity. This prompted companies to reconsider their approaches and embrace ecommerce in order to reel in repeat customers.

The Future of the Subscription Market

The subscription box model is constantly reinventing itself. In addition to the now more familiar recipe and health and wellness products, there are now several sites offering books, craft kits, wine, board games, ramen, and much more.

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