Transportation Organizations Join Forces to Use Data and Manage Traffic During Hurricane Season

Connected vehicle data from transportation organizations will be used to support the Department of Transportation (DOT) monitoring emergency evacuations in Alabama, Florida, North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, and Virginia. The system will use data from Wejo’s network of connected vehicles to help people get out of the path of approaching hurricanes.

Real-Time Traffic Volumes

When monitoring severe weather events such as hurricanes, real-time traffic volumes are amongst the most important data that agencies need today.


Wejo specializes in vehicle data and processes billions of data points from thousands of car sensors distributed globally. One in every 28 vehicles in the US sends data to Wejo, which provides a total coverage of 95% of American roads. That’s 650,000 data points per second with an accuracy of three meters.


Moonshadow Mobile Inc. provides a patented database for the Internet of Things (IoT) called DB4IoT, which makes connected vehicle databases accessible in an interactive map-based interface.

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