Your Bastardized Version of SCRUM is Actually Harming Your Project.

The real power of SCRUM lies not just in its organization of daily tasks, but in its extraordinary prediction power. Sprints and standups are just a part of the equation. Stop blaming your butchered method for your late deliveries; stick to the rules and get ready to get your socks knocked off.

Image of a thomasson

Disclaimer: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

1. Be ridiculously disciplined, especially at first.

2. Be willing to familiarize yourself with every single bit of a project.

Make your own planning poker

3. Be open and transparent.

4. Be vocal.

5. Now, chill and predict.

Anthropologist & User Experience Designer. I write about science and technology. Robot whisperer. VR enthusiast. Gamer. @yisela_at

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